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Most Awaiting Workshop of the year HackerOn

Why To Join ?

All individuals who will enroll for the workshop will gain a better understanding of Ethical Hacking and aspects of Cyber Security and how to safeguard yourself from various cyber Attacks. The Student getting enrolled in the workshop will be provided a Hacker's Handbook and Set of Hacking Tools Meant for the student which will be helping them to do the practical at their home and also to provide them a logical caliber which will help them to create their mind like that of a "PROFESSIONAL HACKER"..

The most advanced
course in Cyber Security
in India

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Program Highlight

#1. Importance of Cyber Security Our Daily Life
#2. Internet Surfing & Download Security
#3. Data Security & Hide Techniques
#4. Email Security & Social Networking Website Security-Phising Attacks
#5. Browser Privacy & Security
#6. Spyware & Key logger & Virus Security
#7. Experienced Faculty
#8. Live Projects

What You Learn?

1) Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Learn the Basics of Hacking .

2) Web Security

Learn How and Why Website Got HACKED Everytime .

3) Information Gathering

Learn To Gather Information About Defiend Target With Hacking Tools

4) Desktop Security

Are you using Desktop at Home ? Then you must know tips and tricks to secure your desktop

5) Mobile Security

Learn How Hacker's Hack Android Phone Just with T**k Tool .

6) Social Media Security

Protect your Privacy and Social Life By learn Social Engineering

7) Computer Security

Master Password or BIOS Password Confused ? Learn the Computer Security and Get Secure.

8) Email Security

Gmail,Yahoo Mail , Learn the Trick to Hack and Secure Email on Internet.

Outcome Of Training?

After successful completion of the Workshop you not only become capable to Hack
Systems, Websites, Networks, Servers & Wifi but you will also be able to plan conceptualize and secure the networks, servers yourself. Put simply, you become an Hacker.

Let us help you
to build your Career and Hacking Skills to
change your life forever

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What You Learn?


  • Being a Hacker
  • Basics of Internet, Networking & Hacking
  • Information gathering by Hackers
  • Desktop/PC Security, Antivirus & IDS


  • Web Security
  • Email Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Password Security


  • Social Media Security
  • Cyber Abuse
  • Zonal Competition
  • Certificate Distribution
3-5 August
(3 day workshop)
12 Hour Workshop
(4 Hours per/day)
What you will get?
  • Hacker's Handbook
  • Hacking Tool Kit Wroth Rs-15,000 Free
  • Participation Certificate For Newbies Hacker's
  • Hacking Competition
  • Mouth Watering-Delicious Snacks

Testimonials From Last Workshop

"ICSS is doing great Work by Imparting Cyber Security Workshop's to "Newbies' Hackers"

Gurwinder Bajwa
CTO Imphal Tech.
ICSS's Platinum Member

"I have come all the way from Kerla to Delhi to join ICSS Workshop Because In every Workshop They Provide Something Exciting.

Sivansh Singh
Cyber Security Analyst in
ICSS's Ex-Trainee

"ICSS helped me to secure my first internship after completion of my B.tech.

Shobit Sarkar
Intern at


Professionals Hackers Trained




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